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Ahmed Jamal

Andrew is running a great service, I had zero knowledge or understanding of crypto currency, with the help of CryptoFX and its group chat I am starting to understand more and more about it. Answering any questions asked and makes everything simpler to understand.


Graeme Alexander

I have always been a bit in the dark in regards to crypto currency. I have done a bit of research here and there. I would say I wasn't very knowledgeable at all.

Well recently I seen an advert for CryptoFX. Andrew was very straight forward and never sugar coated anything. He answered questions straight away with no need to research providing knowledge he had already gained.

I was added to a group of like minded guys and girls and was welcomed, the information shared on the group in terms of technical analysis and knowledge that some of the longer traders give is second to none.

I met face to face with Andrew and he set me up with trading platforms and wallets and showed me how everything worked. He also sent me pdf training docs.

I would highly recommend this company for anyone starting off or even experienced folk.

Great company! Great advice! Great knowledge!



CryptoFx provide a high level of service, keeping me informed about the latest news and market trends. The director has vast experience and has assisted me in expanding my general knowledge of the technologies coming into fruition. 

The discussion groups are full of ambitious members, who are enthusiastic to share ideas and position in relation to the market.  I thoroughly enjoy being part of a group that has had vast experience in the crypto currency over the past few years. 

The website is user friendly and contains information for both beginners and intermediate investors. I look forward to the video training material to assist with my skills in technical analysis and reading the market trends.


James McDonald

After missing out on his opening night in Glasgow i managed to get a hold of Andrew who explained to me in depth what he was looking to achieve with his company, impressed and intrigued i booked a slot to go see him at his office in Glasgow.

Not many times you can go to a company thats based on financial gains and leave thinking that it wasn't a sales pitch or that the person talking to you actually cared about you and your thoughts. i had a meeting that i thought would last 30 minutes and ended up being 4 hours. Since joining CryptoFx i have learned and at no extra cost. Andrew isn't just creating a company for himself but a community of people that are interested in Crypto that are all wanting to help each other.  If you are interested in crypto and bettering yourself you would be silly not to get involved.